First a caveat- I don’t read a lot of Young Adult fiction. It’s just not often on my TBR stack or lists.  And I don’t often read fiction revolving around the Catholic faith.  That said- this was a delightful read. This is a time travel story-  Bronwyn, while working at a golf club gets struck by lightening and transported back in time to 1691.  Which sets the stage for some obvious miscommunication. 

It’s a fun nod the the popular phrase among Christians “be careful what you pray for”. 

I liked the characters and of course had my favorites. 

The author covers a lot of 17th century Scottish and church history. Which could have seemed like reading from a textbook but the author handles it well. Providing the heroine with the knowledge (and the reader if they didn’t already know) of the why’s and how’s these characters live and the community around them.   It may detract from the story for those that are well versed in church history.  But the few times the history lessons are in there are also easy to skim the paragraphs if you already know such things.

I don’t know much about Scottish history or the Jacobite rebellion so this novel was interesting in that regard. I believe her research about the times was well done. 

The twist near the end I didn’t see coming. But that’s a good thing.

The author also writes out the dialect. Which may or may not be a deterrent for the reader.

I didn’t mind it. It was easy to follow.

All in all this was a lovely novel if you want  a few hours of escape, and enjoy all things Scottish and Scotland royalty.