Clean, cozy, coffee and Coal. My review of “No Filter” by Heather Day Gilbert

Clean, cozy, coffee and Coal. My review of “No Filter” by Heather Day Gilbert

Joining in JustReadPublicityTour for Heather Day Gilbert’s latest cozy mystery “No Filter”. First in a series.
“No Filter” is not Heather Gilbert’s first venture into writing cozy mysteries. This first in a new series is just as delightful as her previous cozy mystery series. While she is more known for her Viking historicals and contemporary suspense novels it is fun to read these lighter novels.
If you enjoy coffee, dogs, and small towns you will enjoy “No Filter”. Macy and Bo (short for Boaz) are brother and sister. One is wanting to find something different after going through a divorce, the other is wanting to leave their previous life and begin a new project.
We are introduced to a variety of characters, a murder, and a dog napping.
I love Macy’s spunk, even if she doesn’t always think, or inform others before she acts. Bo is a wonderful brother who comes to her rescue (of course) in the nick of time. Even if the “cozy” mystery always has typical elements, Heather does not make the novel predictable.
Heather does a very good job at giving us just enough development in the characters that make us adore some of them, be suspicious of more than one, and sets us up for further adventures of Bo, Macy and the “Barks and Beans Coffee Shop”.

If it sounds like something you would enjoy you can find it here(affiliate link): “No Filter” by Heather Day Gilbert

“Deeper Waters”-Denise J. Hughes review

“Deeper Waters”-Denise J. Hughes review

Do you long to read God’s Word? To study it? But starting at Genesis 1:1 and going through until Revelation 22:21 seems rather daunting?
Begin with “Deeper Waters” by Denise J. Hughes. No, she won’t give you a synopsis/ Cliff Notes of each book of the Bible and tell you so much that you think you can do without reading The Bible for yourself. You will still need to do that on your own. But she leads you on paths that make it manageable reading. She encourages you with the whys of studying and reading God’s Word as well as some methods.
In “Deeper Waters” she takes a different path than her usual Word Writer Series. She tells of her own struggles not just in reading God’s Word but with her own struggles with God himself. Of her struggles to begin (reading the Bible) and beginning again. As well as the reasons in between and the beauty that can be found in the pages of God’s Word.
It’s her story, and encouragement to read His story.
I will be going back through this book and gleaning from all my underlines and sticky note flags, for myself, as well as using in my own teachings.
I was blessed to be a part of this launch team. I was given a copy of the book in exchange for a unbiased review.

Review-“52 Commands of Christ for Children” Susan Chamberlain Shipe

I was blessed to be on the launch team for Susan’s new book “52 Commands for Children”.  It is a a one year  devotional, Using commands from Christ on how to live. One for each week.   She based these off a sermon series her pastor did  from teachings from The Institute of Basic Life Principles.

One devotional a week.  Humility, Initiative, Endurance, Dependability etc.

I really liked this book and can see me using it with my grandchildren.  As well as suggesting it for my friends who are parents of young children.

That said, this, I think is more geared to mid to upper elementary.  I will use it with my grandchildren but adapt it a bit. Only because I think some of the language is geared, more for older children.

The same principles are needed in all ages.

She has a coloring page included at the end of each devotional.  Rather nice, more like black and white photographs to color in. Great for older children.  If you were using this for youngers, you would want to obtain coloring pages that would fit the skill set of younger ones.

Susan includes 3 to 4 talking points for every “command”, using the leading Scripture as her base.  Like this, if you have the time and  your child’s attention you could use this in one sitting. But it would probably work best to divide it up 3 or 4 days of the week. Always repeating the opening Scripture.

Love some of the ideas she includes for parents.  May incorporate them into my own teaching times.

If you are familiar with the Institute for Basic Life Principles and have their character sketches, you could certainly compliment this devotional with their character traits.

I am excited for Susan in her new endeavor!

I was given this book at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

Available in bookstores now.

“A Family Shaped by Grace”- Gary Morland

“A Family Shaped by Grace”- Gary Morland

It’s not just for families
This book is so good. Speaks to my heart. If you are wondering if your family is the only family with difficulties this book is for you! With compassion and lots of grace Gary explains so well how to navigate the waters of family. Still reading it, still processing it. Will add to this when I am finished.
Was blessed to get a preview copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review.