I thought this was a lovely debut. I don’t typically read a lot of royal romances, but I enjoyed this one. A chance encounter at an airport with neither of them saying who they really are leads to obvious secret keeping. Missy is the daughter of the American ambassador to a small Asian country. She’s not seen her father in ten years and is now thrust into spending the summer with him.
Aiden is the crown prince but because his mother was Caucasian, he can get away with no one knowing he exists, outside of his immediate family. Missy is also biracial, and she is learning more about the culture that was her mother’s. Missy and Aiden are both searching for who they truly are.

This is a royal romance and does have all the trappings of one, but both Aiden and Missy have difficult backstories that impact how they feel in the present and how they try to determine their future.
I also found I like the secondary characters as well. Aiden’s half-brother and sister. It would be fun to read their stories.

Even though It’s considered adult fiction I think young adults would like this as well.
I received a free ARC copy in exchange for an honest review.

About the Author

Joy Crain was born in Guangdong Province, China, where she lived with her American adoptive parents. Born with a vivid imagination and a love for books and storytelling, Joy started writing her own stories around the age of 13, and the journey continued from there.

Currently, Joy lives in China, where she spends her time teaching English and pursuing her passion for writing.