I have been waiting for this book since I turned the last page of “When The Day Comes” Book One in Gabrielle Meyer’s Timeless series.
“In This Moment” is Maggie’s story. Who makes her first appearance (small spoiler) at the end of the first book. Don’t fret, it really can be read as a standalone.
It is not a split-time novel in the traditional sense, nor is it a dual-timeline. It truly is in a category all its own.
Maggie is a time-crosser. Traveling across time in three different lives, three different eras. We watch nine months of Maggie’s life. At the end of those nine months, she must decide her fate. Which life, which era she wants to remain in.
Day by day takes the reader fully into each of Maggie’s lives. Eventually, Gabrielle Meyer speeds up the timeline. But for the sake of “time” and pages. Nothing is lost in the story. Instead, we see Maggie’s loves and eventually losses (small spoiler alert).
Some historical novels can read in part like textbooks. The authors adding in historical bits but without the smoothness of story. Not in a jarring way but sometimes enough to notice. Gabrielle Meyer weaves in significant moments in American history in a genuine way. She adds in many surprising turns. And those that you may have seen coming are still so satisfying in how they are played out.
Readers certainly want to root for Maggie in each era. Caught up in her own quandary of moving closer to deciding her true God given path. It will be difficult to remain patient as I wait for book three.