Lady Juliette Thorndike is about to have her society debut. Unlike all the other debutantes her parents are mysteriously absent. That becomes only the first mystery in a great story from Erica Vetsch. If you have read her Serendipity & Secrets series you will delight in some of the repeat appearances by a certain character. If not, this book is certainly a stand alone.
Secret codes, art thefts, murder, plus spies on both sides fill this tale and Lady Juliette’s life. She comes to realize her parents and others aren’t quite as they seem. Add in a swoon-worthy Bow Street Runner who is trying to solve the crimes, and make sense of his own secrets make this a delightful Regency mystery. Small spoiler-Since the hero does not completely end up with the heroine, and his secrets aren’t fully resolved I am looking forward to book two in hopes that they both get a satisfying happily ever after. Unless there are more Thorndike & Swann mysteries to come after book two. If you like all things of the Regency era, romance and mystery you will enjoy this book.

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