Do you have a bookshelf of writing guides? I do, and well, it’s an addiction, but a good one. I’m going to flag one for you to look into: The Conflict Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Obstacles, Adversaries, and Inner Struggles (Vol. 1). 

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This book is from Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglisi, the authors of The Emotion Thesaurus. I’m such a fan of their writing guides I joined their Street Team. Every time they release a book they do something epic and fun to celebrate, and I get to tell you all about it! 

But first, you’re probably curious about this book, so let me break it down. The Conflict Thesaurus is set up like the other books in their series: part how-to, part thesaurus. This guide shows writers how to maximize conflict and use it to build tension, drive the plot, reveal your character’s inner layers, and most importantly, keep readers glued to the page. 

It’s packed with conflict scenarios like Moral Dilemmas, Ticking Clocks, Obstacles, No-Win Scenarios, Temptations and more. It can help you nail down your plot and character arc, so check it out!

Read my full review here:

Angela Ackerman and company have done it again. The Conflict Thesaurus is the latest book to join the rest of the thesauruses
Writers are always trying to find just that perfectly strong word. Her books take a typical thesaurus and add so much more to it. Conflict moves the story forward but sometimes, a writer gets stuck trying to come up with just how that conficlting situation should look like.
With the Conflict Thesaurus it takes situations that would elicit conflict and show you how each could be played out, the reasons behind it, and how it effects both the protagonist and the antagonist.
It’s also a lovely tool when you are in the beginning stages of a story and just want some brainstorming assistance.
So helpful when you are stuck and need ideas on how to show what is happening on the page versus saying what is happening on the page.
It’s also just a fun book to read. Whether you are looking for a stronger word or looking for a new idea.
Definitely grateful to add to my collection.