Imagine a group of women who have been doing ministry together for a number of years in the same place at the same time and then their comfort zone gets closed off. That is where this novel opens for the Heavenly Hugs Prayer Shawl ministry has been banished from the church, due to repainting.

The four women are simply told to move elsewhere. There are other reasons behind this that increases their concern, that of the church possibly folding.  Four women, four different stories and plenty of secrets kept hidden from each other and deep-seated emotions kept buried by themselves.

This book was a wonderful read. At times poignant and at times thought provoking. It made me realize that even in our most inner circles there may be parts of us that we haven’t ever shared, over fear of judgement, fear of more loss— or for a variety of reasons.

Each character I thought was well developed. Easily could be any anyone we know. You may even see a bit of yourself in each of the character. With the change in the prayer shawl’s meeting space, we see how some embrace it, others fight against it. And we see growth in all of them, and the others that we meet through the story.

It made me want to pick up my needles and find a knitting group myself.

I had never read Sharon Mondragon before, but I am definitely looking forward to more of her stories.