I really enjoyed this novel by Kimberley Woodhouse. I had not read her before.

Kimberley Woodhouse is known for her historical romances. “Bridge of Gold” is so much more. It’s a split time or dual timeline, with the present day and 1930’s during the building of the Golden Gate bridge. There is well researched history, suspense and mystery in both timelines involving stolen gold. Born and raised in the mid-west I was very intrigued learning the history of the Golden Gate bridge. With dual timelines there are heroes and heroines in both eras. With Bridge of Gold we not only get that but we also get additional characters and their points of view in each timeline. That could be too many points of view.But Kimberley handles it well and switching the characters point of view doesn’t take the reader out of the story. We see all four of the main characters develop and develop their faith as the story progresses. After reading this, I know I will definitely add more Kimberely Woodhouse novels to my reading lists.