March for me is so bittersweet. 3 weddings, but also 2 deaths (both of my parents), and one funeral.

When I first wrote this piece 5 months ago I wept in spots. Reliving circumstances and situations all over again. I wept again when I got the notification with the date that it would be published.  Because I had actually forgotten some of what I wrote, and because of the timing of this piece. I had no idea when I wrote this when it would go live. Six years ago tomorrow was the day we buried my mom. 

So while I celebrate and also mourn; I still see God’s hand in even the timing of this piece.

My prayer is that whatever season you find yourself in, or whatever struggle you are facing that you will never forget that God in his infinite mercy loves, cares and sees you. Also, that you will be able to say “How Great Thou Art” in the midst.

Join me today over at Gracefully Truthful today as I explore “How Great Thou Art”.

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