Five minute free write- ready begin.

We’ve heard the phrase “stake in ground “ that issue, that mandate for your life, your belief system that you don’t or won’t stray from. It doesn’t matter what your faith is, or isn’t. Everyone has a few of those stakes. There are very valid reasons for those stakes. Those markers. It help you stay the course, keep your true North in sight.

There are times though when those ‘stake in the ground’ moments might be worth looking at. Not to change those fundamental things, but to realize that there is Grace on either side of that stake. Maybe allowing space, not too far out, but far enough to let others in. It’s all too easy to be so very firm on where you’ve planted your stake that it becomes your moment. Perhaps, allowing for Grace on either side, it becomes far enough out that you allow those stake in the ground moments to become God moments.

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