A Five Minute Friday Freewrite exercise.
One word, five minutes.

It seems easier some times than others to adapt. I don’t like change, big or small. So being willing to change is difficult. When a large (to me) plan ceases, adapting to that loss is not easy. I still grieve that loss. Still wonder what will happen in the future.
But I am l

earning, in the pause, in the margin that has now been created. Learning to adapt and move on. Looking at others it seems I am the only one who is effected. But maybe I’m looking from the outside. I’m not in others shoes.
Yet, in this margin I think in some aspects I’ve adapted well. I don’t yet see what all God will do. But, I do see what God has opened up when other doors closed. There are things that may have been more difficult if I had stuck in the rut of the ‘why’.
While there is still disappointment, I see the God -things in that new margin.

Further proof that He does work all things out for good.