“When Silence Isn’t Golden”

Five Minute Friday 

Five minutes, one word


Some say Silence is Golden, another phrase that I’ve heard is “the silence is deafening”  But how often do we actually get to appreciate the silence? Sure it can be quiet in your commute to work.  But it’s still filled with road noise outside. And of course, traffic reports on the radio might be a wise thing to listen to. 

Or even a walk in the park, most of us aren’t privileged enough to live where there is no one and nothing around. So a walk at a  local park, while empty of people, may still be filled with street /highway noise. 

But God tells us to make time for rest, for stillness.  He says “Be Still and know that He is God.” But how often do we actually do this? Even in our homes?  The kitchen may have the dishwasher running, or a washer/dryer.  

The living room, even if we aren’t on an electronic device there could still be the drone in the background of the desktop.  So not quite absolute silence. 

And then there is our own minds that need to be stilled. Difficult for most of us. But necessary to find that time.  

To Rest, to simply Be still. To quiet our minds enough so all we hear is nothing. 

As we wait for the Lord to speak. 

But what if in that particular moment He chooses NOT to speak? 

Then the silence really can be deafening and defeating.  But we can rest in Him. And know that He is still God.  And continue to listen hard for that still, small Voice. 

4 thoughts on ““When Silence Isn’t Golden”

  1. Yes, that is hard when we hear nothing. I find there’s so much noise most of the time that finding silence is a real challenge, but when I do, I just want to stay there forever, even if God is quiet.

  2. In such silence, we are IN God and He IN us.
    No words necessary, neither to Him nor from Him. To just BE in His presence is enough.

  3. I’m learning that eve in the silence, He is still speaking. I believe sometimes our hearts have to come to a place before we can fully hear. Thanks for sharing your words.

  4. It is so difficult sometimes to shut out all of the background noise, but despite our difficulty God finds a way to break through it when He needs to tell us something. Thank you Carol

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