FMF Friday “Invite”

The subject was raised, who would you invite into your writing? Inviting in, is very different than seeking someone to sit at their feet. That list is for another day.

And of course I invited my husband. Finally and a bit reluctantly, which was strange because he’s always thought I could.  I just wanted to know that I could try on my own.  But now I love that I have him cheering me on even more.

There are many people I would love to invite into my writing. But never quite sure since I don’t know them, if they would come.  You know…like invites to a party.  Just not sure if your guests will show, or how they will behave.

Others invite themselves, the person who is always speaking words of knowledge and encouragement over me…he and his wife get a free pass.  Just for speaking life over me so I can speak life words into others.

Others… I am hesitant. And some won’t get the invite.  Not leaving them out to be mean spirited but it is simply because I know it’s not something they want to invest their time in. And I’m okay with that.

But truly, the main person who is always invited into my writing?  Jesus.  There is no way I could do what I am stepping out more to do without His word, His spirit giving me the words and the ability.  It’s all for Him and His glory.  Whatever writing I do.  Whoever it reaches, if anyone. It’s all for Him.

I pray that my words are life giving, encouraging.

Soli De Gloria.


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  1. Hi Carol, I followed over here from your link in the FMF FB group.

    That puts it in perspective, doesn’t it: that God is invited into our writing and all we write, “successful” or not, is for him. Blessings on all you write. (Also I was going to mention, I really like your new profile photo!)

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