FMF- “Story”

When we think of the word ‘story ‘ we often think of a favorite bedtime story from our childhood or one we read to our own children. A fairy tale. Perhaps one of the classics.

Or we think of the events of life that make up our own story. Even if we don’t think we have a story to share, we do. It might seem inconsequential, this Journey you’ve been on. The various valleys and mountains. But they have worth.
They are important. All of your stories are important. But the most important, if you are a believer following after Christ, is the story of your transformation. Your Redemption story. That is one story that needs to be told. Maybe not on paper, maybe not to the whole world. But to someone seeking. Whether they know they are searching or not.

Pray for an opportunity to share your story.

3 thoughts on “FMF- “Story”

  1. I agree, stories are so important. I love hearing people’s individual stories and especially their stories of God’s work in their lives. Visiting from the FMF Facebook group.


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