Five Minute Friday- Write on one word for Five minutes


When given a challenge it is usually necessary right at that moment to choose whether or not to accept that challenge. Sometimes the challenge is made only to rile you up. Which is definitely not a God thing.  Then it’s best to back away.

Other times a challenge is there to stretch you.  To grow.  Whether in a skill or in your walk with Christ.

Those should be easy to say, “Yes.” to.   But, not always.

There is always something that keeps us held back. Our own issues and attitudes. We can be so accustomed to accepting the lies of the Enemy, and what the world says that we don’t see our true selves.  We don’t think we are worthy or capable of what the Lord may be putting in our path.


Even a simple thing like accepting the  task of writing for a Five minute writing prompt.  Or  writing for Five minutes every day for a whole month. An entire month, every day seems daunting.  But with a tribe walking alongside of you doing the same thing.  And cheering you on as you go what is there to lose?

Besides some preconceived notion of who you are and where you can go.  And just what you can be capable of.


Acceptance of who you are and Whose you are isn’t easy. And it can take time for all those false ideas  to fall away.   So I think I am going to accept and try to write every day for an entire month.  If I miss some days, it will be okay.   God is stretching me and I am okay with that.

I think.