A Five Minute Friday exercise- one word, Five minutes.


Where do you find your Support?

If you are use to supporting others, offering encouragement,  ideas, a shoulder, a tissue or a box of tissues. That is a blessing to your friend, the stranger, whoever it may be.   But when the tide turns and you are the one that needs the supportive words, a shoulder or a tissue…then it sometimes becomes harder.   When you don’t see them.  When  your friends don’t see the need, it’s difficult to find what you need.  Of course there is always Jesus. He will always have your back and breathe life into you.  But while it’s amazing,  the support you seek sometimes, often, needs to come in human form.

Venturing out in a new path especially takes a lot of support.  Sometimes that means finding new people and allowing them, seeking them out as part of your life. Not giving up on your other support systems or friends, but latching on and gleaning from new ones for the new path you are walking.