Write for Five minutes on one word.  


It’s nice to have a guide along with you on your journey.  Doesn’t matter what kind of journey or adventure, new job, moving to a new location, a spiritual journey or a time of stretching with a personal dream.

Finding a guide or mentor though, can be easier said than done.  

As I endeavor to stretch even more, thinking  I am the age of a “Titus woman” that perhaps I don’t qualify for having a mentor and guide of my own.   

But in trying my wings in new things, it’s something I crave.  It’s difficult, in that I don’t know how or where to look.  

When you get to be my age no one expects you to need one and that makes asking, seeking one out that much harder.  

But I know there are guides out there for me.  Kindred spirits, someone who is traveling the same path and finding someone who has been there before me.  Linking arms with each other, lifting each other up and asking all kinds of questions as I navigate new, old things.


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