Write for five minutes.

Ready, set…begin…


Dorothy found out that there really was no place like home. All is not so beautiful as Oz appeared.  But what if you are still searching for your place? Not necessarily your home. But the place where you feel accepted, encouraged and inspired?  How do you find that? And is it always the same place once you find it? Not stagnet, but an ever flowing well of give and take encouragement and love?

But is it static? Or does your “place “  change with the season you are in?   a new mom may find her place in a MOPS group.  A newbie writer here at FMF parties.   But what about when that season changes? The kids grow up? And that new mom is left longing for a new place to belong?

I think, really, what we have to remember is that wherever we are we are never alone. Whatever ‘place’ we are at Christ is there.  We may not see Him but he is always with us.  If we are still longing and looking for that place to belong He’s with us in the searching.

And when we do find a place of belonging, then it’s a lovely thing to find that we are home.  Even if it isn’t Oz.