FMF Friday.

write five minutes on one word.

Ready Set Go.

Paul said we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. Well, that is true most definitely in the spiritual. It’s also true in the natural. When you are wondering how to run any race that you’re in it’s nice to know that you have others that have gone before you and others and/or the same ones cheering you on. Many people, I guess, in thinking about it have been inspiring me in my writing and encouraging.  Long before God showed me Himself and my husband. There was Mr. Burpee,  my theater instructor always encouraging as the apprentices had to write our skits and produce them for after the main shows. And before that Mr. Faulkner whose name was actually William. He let me take far longer than I probably should have and way longer than anyone else in class to turn in a “short” story for the creative writing class. The one class I took at the community college I don’t even remember much about it but i remember some of the writing. And of being intimidated,  being only 17 or 18 in the midst of much older adults it was good feedback. Fast forward to now and my husband is a cheerleader.  My FMF party tribe and the Hope Writer tribe and  Hope Circles I’m in.  God is amazing putting together so many from so different places to inspire me. In writing and in life.

Stepping out, stretching into a new thing is scary.  Whether its starting a blog, writing a book or just submitting a writing sample for consideration for a conference scholarship without our “great group of witnesses” cheering you every step of the way  (even if they seem like baby steps to most), it would be difficult indeed to keep on.