FMF- “Visit”

Five Minute Friday. Write for five minutes on one word.

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In the Book of Acts Luke writes about how the apostles and their group ‘broke bread in their homes and  ate together with glad and sincere hearts’… I have often wanted to be THAT home, where any one can just come over for a visit and I am willing to make a meal, bake bread even and we just sit and hang out and chat. Share life.  That so far hasn’t happened often.  Hospitality is not one of my gifts.  And life is crowded with things that often make us tired at the end of a day.

But its something I’d like to change.  And then I would need those around me to want to come over and hang out and break bread.  Those friends are hard to find as well.

And then to be sincere, and not be looking for tidbits to carry back to others.

What about visiting a church…maybe not for the ‘breaking of bread’ but  to see if the new group is a good fit.  Will you find those willing to indeed break bread with the newcomer?  And will the newcomer, the visitor, find the glad and sincere hearts that Jesus asks of us?



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