Fmf “Truth”

Write for five minutes.


Jesus said, “The truth will set you free.”   But how many are running after a truth and are still in captivity?  They may think they have found a freedom, only to realize, usually in the dark of the night, or the depth of a valley that they truly aren’t free.

And they don’t know how or where to seek that Truth that will truly set them free.  Not just in this world but for eternity.  The answer lies in the first part of what Jesus said. “If you abide in My Word then you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.”


To abide in the Word, you have to know it exists.  Some do not.  Some won’t look there.  Jesus’ own, at times, didn’t know Him and who He was.  How much less do those in captivity, those seeking the Truth realize where to look?     You can’t abide in something that you have no knowledge of.

The answer then is for us to present The Word, The Truth and The One who holds the key to freedom to others.  Speak life, speak The Word, Plant seeds.