Five Minute Friday- Writing for 5 minutes.

Ready. Go.


Should you rail against God?  Many Bible heroes and heroines did.  It’s a blessing to know we can use them as an example.   But, then again, should we?  I caught myself the other day.  When does shaking my fist at God, figuratively speaking, become out and out anger, frustration that may or may not be a sin?  Where is that line?

Family member pursuing an avenue I vehemently disagree with.   No one is on board, little people are involved…I just cannot think that it is what God wants…and yet He allows it to continue.

Why should they pursue something that I see as harmful for everyone involved?

Why should I feel like I have to pick up the pieces that I see as inevitable, should this go through. But I will try. It’s what I do.

It doesn’t seem fair.

Although I also see it as a wake up call that something is amiss. I wish they would see it.  I could tell them.  But I shouldn’t.    They are missing God in the middle.

That is something I should be praying:  That God shows up. That God shakes them up,  gently of course, I truly don’t want anyone hurt.  That God makes both of them see that God SHOULD be in the middle.  And not an afterthought or not thought of at all.