Five Minute Friday – write for 5 minutes

Ready. Go.

“EMPTY”   4 May 2017


How can on be empty and still move from, minister from a place of fullness?  A couple of weeks ago, was running on fumes prepping/packing for out of state Women in Ministry conference.  Going there empty.  Hit the ground running once arrived, prepping things, getting all conference stuff together.   Exhausted, fumes,  but still ready to do what needed to be done.

And still God showed up, in me, with me, with us.  As I taught a workshop, it turned out to be everything I had wanted, hoped and prayed it would be.  Nerves were settled, seemingly no anxiety, once I got started.  The rest of the services…wow, still running on empty but still felt like I could minister to those I needed to.

And then…words someone  prayed over me…filled the vacuum that was there.  Still processing. Still amazed that even when you are empty God allows words and ministry to flow out because there are others far more empty than you.