Five Minute Friday


How do you define yourself? Who are you?  Do you say you are ‘just a mom”?  “Just a _____” ‘ factory worker, ‘student’…a ‘nobody”?    Do you continue to define yourself by what or who you were in your past? Before Christ came into your life?  Or do you define yourself by what people think of you. Or talk about you behind your back?   That is not God speaking over you when you feel like that.

Zephaniah mentions that “God Sings over you”. How cool is that?   The Lord of the Universe, The Creator sings over you!! You are worthy of song.  You are worthy of being adored.

Your past, your present doesn’t define you.  God and how He feels about you defines you.

He has filled you with dreams, visions, goals, gifts.  Purposes that He has laid out ahead of you.

Listen in close, ask, seek and He will reveal, He will open the door.  He will give you a new definition.