Five Minute Friday “Purpose”

five minute friday “purpose”
 I understood as a mom of littles that  I was fulfilling the purpose God had for me for that season, though it seemed and was a long season.  But then the  littles grew up.  Still some in my house but older, teens and nearly teens. God put other desires in my Heart and opened doors.  But I still feel like I am missing something.   What is my purpose and how do I know when I am there?
Sometimes your purpose gets changed without you knowing it.   Like the sheepfold getting a new shepherd.  Places and cares for the sheep differently than they were use to.  Makes it confusing to the sheep.  Easily confused, no direction.  Always questioning.
Some days I know that I know , that I know…what I am supposed to be doing.   That nudge from God that yes,this is where I am supposed to be.  Whether worship, teaching or praying.  But there are often days in the ‘in-between’ times, that leaves me still wondering.

One thought on “Five Minute Friday “Purpose”

  1. This was worth waiting for, Carol! I wonder at my purpose, too…I thought it would be so very different, and in line with my heart’s desires.

    But it seems to be that my purpose is to bear witness to God’s love and grace from a fell place, fighting my way upright every single day against illness and attendant despair.

    God disposes; can’t argue with that.

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