Five Minute Friday Prompt


Ready, set, go.


This has totally taken a complete turn in my head.  Originally, thinking there is often much on my plate and in my head that I tend to not work fast because so much is happening.

Why is it that memories, especially certain ones are slow to fade? Obviously, the recent ones, like my mother’s death 2 years ago tomorrow is upper most in my mind.  But today  is the day my father was born 96 years ago.  He passed away 25 years ago at the end of March. But I STILL remember that last “Happy Birthday “phone call I made to him.  Nearly 8 months pregnant and having what felt like the wind knocked out of me. The Holy Spirit quickened me and told me he was dying.   He was, I just don’t think any of us knew it then.  He went into the hospital not long after. Lingered for about 3 weeks and that was it.  But even though my mother’s death is still so very fresh…it’s this time that hits me harder.  I can be super busy and then suddenly boom…this memory comes in. This is a difficult week.