Fmf Friday prompt

Week of 9 february 2017

Ready, set, write…

There is Safety in the mundane.  Comfort zones are just that…comfortable.

But mundane is not always where God wants you.  He wants to stretch you, test you, rather, expand your limits. So you realize you have to rely on Him to help you.

Applies to our spiritual lives as well. Staying the same, never growing, never learning. Even reading The Word, if we don’t pray, don’t allow it to feed us, to speak to us…it becomes and stays simply a book to read.

“the fields are white unto harvest’.  But if we constantly live in the mundane,  the status quo, we may never know.  Especially, if evangelism  isn’t one of our spiritual gifts. But we must step out onto the waves, never look down, but always keeping our eyes on the Prize that is Jesus  and continue. He’s there to catch us, He’s there to give us the words to speak,  He’s there to sing over us, speak over us if we will listen.  If we will get out of our wordly safety net and know that it’s for His glory and not our own to make that phone call, breathe that prayer,  and see just what God has for us just outside that safety line.


15 February 2017