EAT #FiveMinuteFridays



Ready, go:


Jesus said in John 6:35 that He was the bread of life and whoever believes in Him will no longer be hungry nor will thirst. Our food/nourishment will come from The Word, His words.   But does that mean that we will have no need of earthly food or nourishment?  No, it just means that while in our humanness if might seem to satisfy but in reality our spirit will never be satisfied until we feast  on God’s Word, the Truths in Scripture.  He will sustain us. He will provide for us.   Proverbs talks about God’s word being sweet like honey.   But I also read Scriptures that are anything but sweet, more like bitter words, painful words. Not pleasant at all to taste.

But those words too are necessary to feed on.  To read what God’s people tasted.  Some of the bitter words came from their own actions.

Jesus himself only wants the best for his children.   Which is exactly why we need to dig into Scripture and truly ‘taste and see that the Lord is good.”



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