FMF Friday ‘CHEER’

Five minutes starting now.

Starting a blog, wondering if you truly have that writing thing again.  Well, you’ve had it,(at least I think so) just used it differently.  Branching out.  What  joy to find a place where ‘everybody knows  your name’ even if they don’t know you in person.  And they become your CHEERleaders. Cheering you from the writing groups you so bravely joined, even though you feel out of your kin.
So blessed to have my own cheering squad.  Tips, articles, books and of course, blogs to read.  To encourage you along this, oh, so very new journey. Willing to read what thoughts I have. Direct messages because of course why make it known to my own family this writing wondering?

I am so thankful to have found new friends who cheer me on.  Now I need to also cheer others on as well.