“To grow or not to grow”, that is the question. Yes, I totally just stole that from Hamlet. I know we all encounter life happenings that cause us to grow. Family crisis, sudden death of a loved one etc. That brings out more strength and resolve in us than we ever knew we had.

And God will cause things to shift us where He wants us.

But truly, most often we have a choice. We see an opportunity for growth, education, spiritually whatever it is and we can take it or leave it.

That is why there is always a choice. Free will. Given to us by God. We can choose to grow deeper in our relationship with Him and with others. Or we can choose to stay right where we are.  Stuck. Most often that only leads to bitterness , hardness and decay.  As if we were nothing more than say a piece of gum on the sidewalk.

So the question for you is “to grow or not to grow”?