Looking at this again…Sometimes those ‘off the top of your head’ thoughts should stay in your head. It’s drech.  But i wrote. For Five Minutes.

“Expectations…when you expect to write..i mean how hard can a five minute prompt take?  And when you expect things to be easy and they’re not.  For instance, the basics of setting up a blog.   Makes one lose that teeny bit of momentum.

And then time expectations.  You think life will just go along smooth and time is your friend. But it’s not.

Relationships don’t always run as smooth as you would like. That’s difficult to handle. And especially difficult to help your children  navigate those waters.  When you are still trying to yourself.

Expectations or lack of them can be a great source of stress.  Probably means, it’s time to take that to the Lord.  And seek His guidance in all things.   And get back on track with realistic expectations.  And always grace in all things.”