While I wrote in my much younger years, grade school through high school once college hit I just never considered picking it back up. Unless spending most evenings writing to a slew of penpals instead of studying counts?

Several years ago Divine nudges and God-breezes reignited the desire to write that took a backseat while I was deep in the weeds of raising children.

Now, while I have lots of story ideas in my head I currently have two fiction works-in-progress. I am a regular contributor to Gracefully Truthful Bible study website. I also have been a contributor to Truly Co magazine and their blog.  I find writing non-fiction pieces keeps me grounded in between my imaginary adventures.


I am an avid consumer of books. Both Inspirational Fiction than General Market,  in a variety of genres. And there is always non-fiction in most any subject that will attract me.

I find it so fun to connect with authors and connect readers to author’s books.

My dream is a home library. But even that would still require books in nearly every room. 


I am passionate about teaching about Jesus and the Bible.I love to encourage anyone on their faith walk, or life in general. I’ve spoken and taught Intercessory Prayer workshops at women’s conferences.  And small regional conferences. While my main audience is probably women, I would like to think that much of what I speak about can nuture and encourage men as well.


I cannot imagine not being a worshiper of Christ. For decades I was apart of worship teams/choirs at church. Regularly one to open worship with an exhortation, call to worship.  Some days I feel like Joshua not wanting to leave the tent of meeting.  I do find that worship happens in many places.  The car, a walk, in a home. Not just in a church sanctuary.

Mom of Many

I’m a mom of seven, parenting a child, now mid-life adult with disabilities (Cerebral Palsey) and another with a chronic illness. For fifteen years I was an external pancreas for a daughter with Type 1 diabetes. You never really know how much of a Mama Bear and a micro-manager you can be until you have to be one. 

God has blessed us amazingly in walking with us through all the child raising.

Wife to my Beloved


I have been married for forty years to someone who was my frenemy in college, before we both became Christ-followers. Of course it has had its’ ups and downs, life happenings. 

But with Christ at the center even in our humanness, I truly can say:

“I am my beloveds, and my beloved is mine.” (Song of Solomon).


Welcome!!! I'm so glad you're here.

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